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Keith Bowen Bassoon Workshop is an authorized dealer of new Fox® and Renard bassoons. All prices listed are estimates, and are provided for the purpose of comparison. Prices vary according to customization and delivery requests, and occasional increases in Fox Corporation prices. Delivery times vary according to the Fox Corporation’s production schedule.

New Fox® and Renard bassoons
Fox contrabassoon, $28,100
Fox professional bassoons, models 601, 660, 680, 201, II, $25,850
Fox professional bassoon, model III, $6,211
Fox professional bassoon, model IV, $5,175
Renard bassoon, model 260, $14,091
Renard bassoon, model 240, $8,301
Renard bassoon, model 220, $7,146
Renard bassoon, model 222, $5,095
Renard bassoon, model 41, $4,348
Renard bassoon, model 51, $4,108

Used bassoons
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