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Repair and Maintenance
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Lathe, Drill Press

Bocal cork, $15
Bocal dents, typical, $80 ($80/hour)
Bocal, replate, silver, $100
Bocal split (improvement but not to original condition), $85
Bocal tip split, solder, $45
Bocal vent button, replace, $40
Bore, light oil, $60
Key arbor, replace, $5-35
Pivot screw, replace with oversized pivot screw, $7

Body/Tenon Repair
Bell ring, $45 for Fox®, $155 for Heckels
Bocal socket, replace, $70
Post bushing, install, $30
Post-locking screws, replace, $7/screw
Socket liners, remove as necessary for repairs, $40
Socket splits, repair, $95
Spring staking screws, replace, $7/screw
Tone hole bushings, install in wood tone holes, $250
Tone hole, reface, $40/hole
Tone hole facing, replace, $80/hole
U-tube bracket, rebuild, $60
U-tube gasket, replace, $20
U-tube, line unlined side of boot to repair wood rot, $535

Tenon Repair
Bass joint tenon, cap with brass, $165
Bass joint tenon, cap with wood, $100
Bass joint tenon, replace, $250
Bass joint tenon, replace past tone hole, $400
Tenons, recork, $60
Tenons, restring, $60
Wing joint tenon cap, replace, $90
Wing joint tenon cap, secure, $40
Wing joint tenon, replace, $500 for Fox®, $550 for other makes
Wing joint tenon, replace with custom made cap, $145

Tuning and voicing is $95/hour. Additionally, certain repairs are necessary for tuning.
Tone hole liner, install, $184, or market price of silver
Replace existing metal tone hole liner, nickel silver $145
Replace finger tube if original is rubber, $155
Replace key ring, necessary with installation of most d tone holes liners, $105
Ream bore near U-tube, $55