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The key-work on bassoons, contrabassoons, and Heckelphones can be customized. The estimated pricing for most of the requested keys, rollers, and guards is listed, and other customization requests can be accommodated. Certain types of bassoons may require more work; for example, German-made bassoons typically require 30% more labor. Specific quotes for particular requests may be obtained via Email.

Extended-range Keys
High D key, $341
High E key, $341
High F key, rebuild E key, $750
Offset of E and F keys, $365
Other configurations of E and F keys, $750
Low C extension, $158
Replace a left hand 3rd finger plateau key with ring key, $252
Replace a left hand 3rd finger ring key with plateau key, $126

Keys involving the whisper key
High A bridge with roller, $184
Little finger whisper key system, $630
Right thumb whisper key spatula, $630
Whisper key lock, right hand, $168
Whisper key lock, left hand, $184
Whisper key system, $608

Additional trill keys
Low E/F# trill key, articulated, $788
Eb trill key, left hand, $341
Eb trill key, right hand, $473
Eb trill key, left and right hands, $630
Ab/Bb trill, with new tone hole, $630

Little finger G#, $184
Little finger F#, $184
Low Eb, $184
Low C#, $184
Whisper key, $184
C#, $184
Bb, $184
Pancake key with roller toward F#, $184
Pancake key with two rollers toward F# and Bb, $368
Pancake key with roller toward Bb, $184
Thumb F# with one roller, $184
Thumb F# with two rollers, $368
Double Wide little finger F#, $368
Modified G# key, accommodating double wide little finger F#, $184
Low D, $184
Low C, $184

Palm guard for right hand, $65
Bb, $38
Spectacle, $80
Ab/Bb, $100
C# trill, $38
Body lock, $47
Balance hanger, $158

Other guards are available. Specific quotes for particular requests may be obtained via Email.

Key Pricing Internal Formula
Buff, $20
Casting, with parts, $10-150
Solder casting on rod (each), $10
Per pad cup, $15
Added charge for rollers and ring keys, $25
Key without pad, fit and adjust, $10
Key with pad, fit and adjust $20
Post, install, new $30
Post, install, $20
Post bushing, install, $30