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Fox Contra bassoon

Designed and developed under the supervision of Alan Fox, in conjunction with prominent bassoonists in American Symphony Orchestras.



All tenons carefully fitted to their receiving sockets to insure structural reliability. Joint connections and metal reinforcing bands sealed with silicone sealer Three point bell bracing to improve rigidity Inner elbows are removable without disturbing the bracing, permitting easy cleaning access without disassembly.

  • Maple.



  • 18% nickel silver key castings.
  • trim with solid 3/16" nickel hinge rods.
  • German system with rollers on little finger Eb and Db, F and Ab keys.
  • Alternate F# Spatula (Little finger)
  • Eb key for right forefinger.
  • Water key on tuning slide.
  • Nickel silver hinges and machined parts.
  • Full German system with High D and E keys.
  • Right hand whisper key lock.
  • Rollers on F, Ab and Db.

All posts set in epoxy and spring posts are locked with screws. All needle springs utilize long lasting music wire.

  • Custom work quoted on request.



Mahogany or Ebony, using tough acrylic enamel, with Silver plating on all keys and metal work. Nickel plating available.



Intonation based on A-440 with the tuning slide extended. Highly centered tone quality with maximum core in the sound. Resonance, projection and flexibility to satisfy the requirements of the most discriminating performers

  • Fine case
  • 2 Fox Bocals
  • 2 Reeds.

Keith Bowen is an authorized dealer of new Fox® and Renard Bassoons. All prices are estimates for the purpose of comparison. Actual Bassoon Prices may be different. Fox typically changes their prices at the 1st of January. Prices are not set beyond current production.